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 E-Catalogue (non-stock)

E-Catalogues have been set up to ensure that wherever possible procurement is against established contracts so that procurement best practice is achieved, saving money for the Trust and saving time for the end user.

The whole purchasing process through E-Catalogues is fast, accurate and instant. To create the E-Catalogues, the Procurement Department have sourced products and suppliers from a number of routes in accordance with the Trusts Standing Financial Instructions to ensure value for money is always achieved, these include

  • Framework suppliers
  • Local and National Contracts
  • LPT Health & Safety product recommendations
  • Goods purchased regularly but under financial Trust threshold

Before ordering goods via Non-Stock requisitioning the Procurement Department highly recommend searching and wherever possible using the E-Catalogue route.


To find out more about E-Catalogues please see link below or contact the Procurement Department on 0116 2957614. Please click here for the E-Catalogue presentation and guide




01 January 2014

New EU Threshold limits for 2014

The EC Procurement Threshold limits have changed from the 1st January 2014. Please click here to view threshold limits   

CE Waiver Revised Form - LPT only

From 1st November 2014 a revised CE waiver form has been agreed for use in LPT read more


01 January 2014

NHS Supply Chain News

For the latest NHS Supplychain news, publications ,notices and product updates please visit their site here


01 January 2014

Contract News

Details of recent contracts issued by the Trust/Organisation and the latest contract news can be found here

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